How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

May 10, 2018

Even the best nights can end in disaster—if you spill red wine on your carpeting, that is. It’s all too common to spill a little bit of your favorite beverage on your flooring. Unfortunately, red wine is notoriously difficult to remove from carpeting, in part because of its vivid coloration, and in part because red wine’s alcohol content allows it to be absorbed into fabric more quickly and effectively than non-alcoholic beverages.

If the wine is already dried, getting it out of your carpeting will be much more challenging. However, it will still be possible. If you are struggling to remove dried or wet wine from your carpeting, you shouldn’t struggle too much. Overzealously attempting to remove wine from your carpeting could cause you to spread the stain even further, making the problem worse! Reaching out to a company specializing in carpet cleaning services in El Paso, TX is frequently the best way to ensure that your carpeting remains in prime condition.

Here’s what you need to do to remove wine stains from your carpeting:

  • Soak up residual wine: The first thing that you’ll need to do is absorb any residual wine that hasn’t soaked into your carpeting yet. You should use a plain, white cotton cloth to soak up the residual wine. This will help prevent the wine stain from spreading any further than it already has.
  • Pour cold water: Next, you’re going to need to pour some cold water directly onto the site of the wine stain. This will open up the fibers in the carpeting, and make it more receptive to the cleaning action of the baking soda solution that you’re about to apply. Blot the site of the stain dry once again.
  • Apply baking soda paste: Prepare a paste of baking soda using three parts baking soda and one part water. Take the paste, and apply it directly onto the site of the stain. Allow the paste to dry completely, probably over the course of several hours or even a day. Once dry, vacuum up the remaining baking soda.
  • Mix vinegar and soap: If the stain is still present in the carpeting, you’ll need to mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with a teaspoon of dish detergent in a cup of warm water. Use a clean, white cotton rag to blot this solution onto the site of the wine stain. This should remove the rest of the stain.

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