What to Do Before a Carpet Stretch

May 23, 2018

Is your carpet wrinkled, lumpy or pulled up at the edges? Carpet that is in good condition lies flat and smooth across the entire floor surface and remains tucked in around the perimeter baseboards and thresholds. If your carpet is showing signs of poor condition, it’s time for carpet repair in El Paso, TX. You probably need a carpet stretch to restore your flooring to optimal conditions.

This process must be undertaken carefully to get the results you desire. If you are considering carpet stretching, use the following guide to properly prep your floor.


This step may seem obvious, but the first thing you need to do before stretching a carpet is remove all the furniture in the room. Don’t try to stretch part of the carpet while leaving heavy furniture in place. Your enormous armoire may not be fun or easy to move, but it’s essential to clear the surface of the carpet before you try to stretch it. Professional carpet stretchers may be able to work around some furniture, but DIY-ers should not try this.


Before you begin stretching, determine which direction you will need to pull the carpet. There’s usually no need to stretch it in several directions. You will probably only need to stretch it one way.

Metal Removal

Are there any metal strips holding your carpet in place? These clampdown metals must be removed before you start your carpet repair in El Paso, TX. Use a flat chisel or a stair tool to pry up these pieces.

Prying the Edge

Lift the edge of the carpet. An awl works best, but you may be able to use a pair of pliers. In one corner of the room, insert the awl or pliers through the carpet, about six inches from the wall. You should now be able to pull the carpet up to complete the stretching.


Many people assume it’s best to clean a carpet before it is stretched. They assume that cleaning after stretching may risk putting wrinkles back in the carpet. However, it is better to clean the carpet after it is stretched rather than before. Carpets that need to be stretched are difficult to clean. Once the carpet is stretched, you will have a smooth, tight surface that is much easier to vacuum. This will also help smooth out any lines that are left after the carpet is stretched.

Professional Consultation

If you’re considering stretching your carpet, it is best to first consult with an expert in carpet repair in El Paso, TX. This professional can determine whether or not stretching is the best solution for your carpet, recommend further instructions on the process or complete it for you.

Is It Time for a Stretch?

Before you stretch your carpet, contact the team at Steam Wizard. We offer in-depth knowledge of carpet repair in El Paso, TX. Our experts can assess your flooring to guide you in the best care for your carpet. Reach out to us today to enjoy better carpets tomorrow.

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