Five Benefits of Adding Carpet to the Stairs in Your Home

August 9, 2018

Do you have a staircase or multiple stairways inside your home? Are your floors and stairs covered with a hard flooring material? A bare staircase can be dangerous to walk up or down on, which can cause serious injuries to people and pets. To quell this potentially dangerous situation, give serious thought to installing a carpet runner over your stairs. What are the benefits of adding carpet to the stairs in your home? Let’s ask experienced providers of carpet cleaning services in El Paso, TX for the details:

  • Protects your stairs: If you have stairs inside your house, leading to upper stories, the basement or the garage, they probably get used every day. To protect your stairs, consider adding carpet runners to areas with heavy foot or paw traffic. Runners protect stairs from getting scratched and scuffed by shoes, furniture and other things, and the structure of the staircase will last longer. Additionally, carpet cleaning services in El Paso, TX can keep your runners looking clean and bright.
  • Creates better comfort: Pick the right carpet runner for your staircase and it will act as a cushion, making steps more comfortable to walk up and down on. In the wintertime, carpeted stairs trap heat from your house so your feet stay warm and cozy. Carpet runners provide your home with extra comfort and a warmer look.
  • Adds style: Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to spruce up your home? A carpet runner for your stairs may be what you are looking for! Depending on the type of runner you choose, it can add a casual accent or elegant air. And there’s a runner for everyone, because you have lots of available options. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and colors to reflect your personality or to create a focal point inside your home. Another great thing about carpet runners is that you can install one with certain colors and patterns, and then replace it with a different looking runner later if you want to.
  • Reduces noise: Wooden stairs are pretty, but they’re loud. They make a lot of noise when they’re stepped on; most are creaky and can be heard all throughout the house—especially old wooden staircases. Luckily, there may be a simple fix. Using a carpet runner can help eliminate a good portion of stairway noise, as runners are capable of muffling and minimizing sound.
  • Makes stepping safer: In your home, you need to put safety first, and carpet stair runners are hands down safer to walk on then a bare wood staircase. Runners keep people from slipping and falling. They’ll also provide better footing every step of the way. Children and pets and bare wood stairs don’t mix well. Between running up and down the stairs and pushing each other around on the stairs, someone is likely to get hurt, or worse.

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