Act Quickly with a Flooded Carpet

October 4, 2018

A home that has been flooded by a rainstorm or faulty plumbing will see flooring problems worsen the longer the water sits. You need to act fast when dealing with flooded carpets—they need to be dried out as soon as possible after a flood. Not only is it a matter of health and safety, but it’s also critical for the condition of your carpet. The key to salvaging a carpet after flooding is to not wait around for carpet fibers and padding to dry out on their own. Call professional carpet cleaners immediately!

The following is some important information about carpet cleaning in El Paso, TX after water damage.

An overview of water damage

Residential carpets have a top face yarn with a foam underlay (padding) that cushions and protects your feet above and the foundation below. Unfortunately, these layers are also extremely absorbent and will soak up water and other liquids like a giant sponge. Because these layers are thick, it’s not unusual for dampened carpets to take a long time to dry out. Add in high humidity and your flooded carpet may not be able to dry out much at all. Call an emergency water removal company before wet carpets have a chance to develop mold and mildew.

Why you need to act quickly

Did you know that waiting for a carpet to dry out on its own can actually cause even more damage to your home? The fact of the matter is that a flooded carpet simply cannot dry completely by itself, but it can get back to a normal state with help from professionals and pro carpet cleaning equipment. Here are three reasons to move fast when you’re dealing with flooded carpets in your home:

  • Causes delamination: A flood in your home can create a lot of visible and unseen damage. For instance, while a soaked carpet is an obvious sign of water damage, damage underneath both the top face yarn and padding might take a little longer to notice. This unseen damage could be delamination, another serious problem created by flooding. This occurs when water saturates the carpet’s fibers, then gets absorbed into the carpet pad and layers underneath everything. The water can dissolve the glue holding the carpet in place, causing the top layer of the carpet to peel back.
  • Contributes to mold and mildew growth: Mold wastes little time growing in and on carpets. After all, a saturated carpet offers ideal growing conditions for mold and mildew. What’s more is that black mold could form within 24 hours of the flooding incident, especially if flooded carpets are not cleaned immediately.
  • Exposure to harmful pathogens: If the flooding is due to storm water or a sewer line backup, then the floodwater on your carpets may be contaminated with harmful pathogens. These types of floodwaters are known to contain viruses, bacteria and other organisms that pose a health risk to humans and pets. Clean up flooded carpets as soon as possible to protect your household from dangerous pathogens.

Are you faced with flooded carpets and uncertain what to do? Call Steam Wizard for water damage repairs and emergency carpet cleaning in El Paso, TX!

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