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Top Reasons to Have Your Carpet Cleaned Now

March 29, 2019

Carpeting is one of the best options out there when it comes to flooring in your home, especially for families with kids. Though it has tons of upsides, it does have one big disadvantage: it must be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Continue reading to learn a few of the benefits of regular carpet cleaning in El Paso, TX: Removes spots and stains: Vacuuming picks up dirt, grime, crumbs and other solids from your carpets, but it won’t do anything to get rid of spots and stains from spilled liquids and ground-in solids. The only way to remove... View Article

Four Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

December 27, 2018

There are few aspects of home maintenance more important than keeping your flooring in prime condition. While carpeting is an excellent flooring solution, it requires more specialized attention than laminate or tile flooring options. While these options may be easier to care for, they don’t offer the same comfort or luxurious feeling of quality carpeting. While many may associate carpeting maintenance with lengthy, frustrating appointments with a rented or owned steam cleaner, the reality is that it’s often much more cost-effective and convenient to simply hire a professional company to assist you with your carpet cleaning needs. If you’re in... View Article

Five Reasons to Invest in Annual Carpet Cleaning

October 31, 2018

It’s tough to deny that carpeting is one of the best options for flooring in your home. Compared to other materials, it’s softer, more comfortable, better for kids and the elderly and relatively inexpensive. One of the few downsides of carpeting is that it needs to be cleaned far more often than other options like tile or vinyl. In addition to vacuuming regularly and spot cleaning any spills that land on your carpet, homeowners should seriously consider annual carpet cleaning in El Paso, TX. Continue reading to learn about a few of the advantages of calling the pros to clean... View Article

Five Benefits of Adding Carpet to the Stairs in Your Home

August 9, 2018

Do you have a staircase or multiple stairways inside your home? Are your floors and stairs covered with a hard flooring material? A bare staircase can be dangerous to walk up or down on, which can cause serious injuries to people and pets. To quell this potentially dangerous situation, give serious thought to installing a carpet runner over your stairs. What are the benefits of adding carpet to the stairs in your home? Let’s ask experienced providers of carpet cleaning services in El Paso, TX for the details: Protects your stairs: If you have stairs inside your house, leading to... View Article

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

July 9, 2018

Upholstered furniture can get quite dirty over time. Even if there aren’t any major spills, dust and debris still get ground into the fiber, making your couch look old and dingy. Continue reading to learn how you can clean your couch yourself without calling an upholstery cleaner in El Paso, TX. Vacuum First thing’s first, you have to break out the vacuum and try to suck up the dust that’s built up in the fibers over time. Don’t forget to stick the hose deep down behind the cushions. There’s bound to be tons of crumbs and other particles that have... View Article

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