Water Damage Repair in El Paso, TX

Water Damage RepairWhether it’s a torrential storm or a burst pipe in your home, floods and other water damage can happen without warning. When your carpets become saturated and water begins to pool in your home, Steam Wizard is ready and able to assist you with home water damage restoration in El Paso, TX.

We’ve seen it all and come equipped with the knowledge and tools to minimize damage, to get your home back to a safe, normal state.

Learn About Water Extraction Services

Emergency Water Extraction

Flooding and water damage can happen at any time. Water issues need to be taken care of quickly, before the saturation causes even more problems, like mold growth, bacteria cultivation or damage to subflooring or other materials. We’re on-call 24 hours a day for emergency water extraction in El Paso, TX! Call us and let us know the nature of the problem and we’ll send someone out quickly to make sure the extraction process is started as quickly as possible.

Carpet Repair

After a flood or other water damage, you’re going to need carpet repairs to restore the look, feel and integrity of your carpet. Our team is ready to help. Not only do we provide water removal in El Paso, TX, we stretch your carpets, repair any suspect areas and make sure the pad is in good condition. Our carpet repair capabilities are comprehensive, helping you leave behind any trace of damage.

Insurance Claims

To take the hassle and headache out of filing a claim with your insurance company, our team can handle the process for you! We work directly with most insurance companies to ensure your claim is properly filed and processed quickly, all while you get the restorative services you need after a flood.

Water Removal

At Steam Wizard, we’re experts when it comes to water damage remediation and water damage repair in El Paso, TX. If you’re faced with flooding and need a solution that protects your home and carpets from the long-term effects of water saturation, contact us right away for service. We’re available 24 hours a day for water damage repair, carpet sales, air duct cleaning, and more. Just contact us today at 915-591-2901 to get started.